“The deep meaning of things …”​

The secret to live better every day and appreciate life is also contained in the value and essence of the furnishings of our homes. Diana Varlamova explains how this is possible …

Strange, but perfectly centered wall art on the wall becomes the starting point for profound reflections. A mirror at the end of a corridor carries those who reflect themselves to distant worlds. A rough and porous tile under the bare feet brings to mind the memory of a child running carefree in the countryside, on the soil between the rows of a vineyard. A full and thick carpet makes your feet sink like grass in the middle of summer, soft, warmed by the scorching rays of the sun. Poetic images that convey warmth, a kind of well-being, and from which Diana Varlamova, creator of the DiVaDesignStudio brand, let herself be inspired to be able to create unique and inimitable furnishings and furnishing accessories.

“The simple and apparently common things of our daily life, such as the furniture and decorations in our home, actually represent something very similar to a shelter. Our things, in fact, make us feel good, there are feelings of tranquility, belonging, able to calm stress and negative thoughts. Where for others is a simple armchair, for us is an embrace of soft and full-bodied velvet; a smooth and brilliant marble top makes us imagine a wonderful calm lake, without wind; every pillow is transformed in perfect support for our head or our arm, finally offering us a little deserved rest ».

It is a philosophy of well-being that is expressed through design, therefore, that of Diana Varlamova, who for nine years has been passionately and skillfully involved in creating spaces where the mind can rest and recharge.

“Among the activities we deal with with our brand are the interior design – which is then given a shape by expert Italian artisans, to guarantee a product completely made in Italy – product design, design supplies, production and sale of furniture and interior components. All our furnishings and accessories carry within them the capacity to give serenity and mental pleasure to those who will live them, which is why they are created following a creative process that starts from a careful listening to the individual needs of the client, from a individual assessment of the person and consumption of that furniture during daily life. We continue, then, with the search for new generation raw materials that know how to preserve the traits of tradition and respect the environment that surrounds us ». 

All factors that contribute to enhancing the final product, improving its external appearance, functionality and durability, thus perfectly combining two fundamental characteristics for any furnishing: beauty and comfort. DiVaDesignStudio focuses on customized products, tailored to the customer, just like a tailor intent on creating a dress in which to feel himself, through which to show his character and your own style. «In the chaos of the hectic life of our times – continues Diana Varlamova – we are losing our personal spiritual and individual value, dragged away from the current of consumerism and the standardization in series of objects that do not reflect us. We forget about what really makes us feel good, about what is able to transmit the energy needed to face a new day and the challenges that they will introduce themselves. We strongly believe that positive energies can also be obtained by immersing ourselves in the sensations of well-being and relaxation that an ad hoc environment knows how to transmit to us, with which it knows how to wrap and cuddle us. Our furnishings and accessories are therefore thoroughly studied also in the essences and colors». Thanks to collaborations with several Italian and also foreign companies, the DiVaDesignStudio wants to create real works of art and, it makes so using modern technologies and innovations. «Today’s tools allow to develop any type of custom object. We employ advanced programs to design, to make technical drawings, to model and print in 3D or photo-realistic renderings. This way of working does not only help us, but also the artisans who make prototypes and customers, who can preview the result they will get».

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